Plant of the Week – Red Button Ginger

For South Florida residents looking for something beautiful, low maintenance, and tasty, the Red Button Ginger, also known as Costus Woodsonii, is a great choice. This gorgeous Ginger grows with little effort and once mature, produces delicious edible flowers almost every day throughout the year. As you can see below, the plant is loaded with gorgeous red cones. Nearly each day, a smaller flower emerges from the cone. This is the edible flower; it boasts a taste best described to be a cross between a green apple and a grape. It’s truly delicious.

A Red Button Ginger plant requires minimal care – a reason to love it right off the bat! While filtered light is ideal, they’re known to do well in any light conditions. They require average water and fertilization, making it easy for you to plant, go, and watch it grow. The plant does best in warm weather, making it ideal for South Florida. They can be potted or placed directly in a garden, and do well either way.

An average mature Red Button Ginger plant will grow to about four feet, however they can get much larger over time if allowed.

If you can picture this gorgeous, tasty plant in your outdoor paradise, give us a call or contact us. We’d be pleased to plant it for you, seamlessly, so you can start enjoying these delicious flowers in no time.